Yoga Mat with Different colors and Good Grip

yoga mat

FAW Yoga mat:

A good yoga mat helps yogis by providing strong foot hold and padding along with reducing the strain on their joints.

If you practice challenging yoga positions like Kakasana Pincha Mayurasana Vasisthasana, or Padangustasana exercise  a good quality mat is required. The reason for this is simple while doing difficult yoga moves the chances of slipping are extremely high. As a result a quality mat protects your body from injury while also allows you to hold your body in any position without strain. In principle a yoga mat improves the comfort of your fitness routine.


You are now off to your yoga practice It is time to invest in the new yoga mat that will keep you stable comfortable and moveable.
Purchasing a best mat used to involve returning home with a blue purple or pink PVC mat. Mats now are available at fitness accessories wala in several of colors patterns and materials.

Yoga mats for home use:

This is our go to mat for beginners but it is ideal if you are just getting started with or want to encourage a loved one to join you. It is our most affordable non slip yoga mat which is why studios and students all around the world love it. Choose from our spectrum of colors and begin practicing right away

It does exactly what it says on the box. I have had my sticky mat for 2 years and can’t really tell you how many downward facing dogs I have practiced on it.

Mats that really are Eco Friendly:

Yoga Mats that really are Eco Friendly
our  everyday mat is made from sustainably obtained natural tree rubber and recycled material offering an innovative solution to environmental waste.

It is

  • biodegradable,
  • recyclable
  • Devoid of harmful chemicals and dyes.

Mat thickness 4mm provides enough of padding while its textured surface offers quality grip make sure to focus on your practice without being disturbed.

  • Samantha diamond harmony mat
  • Samantha Jade harmony mat
  • Samantha Jade Harmony Mat.


Yoga mat price:

Wherever you practice , a proper mat is important . Do buy a good quality yoga mat from fitness accessories wala just at affordable price Rs.500 – 2000 . All types of yoga mats are available at FAW.

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